X Lite 3.0 Download For Free

X Lite 3.0 Download For Free

X lite 3.0 is a softphone client which allows you to carry calls over the internet IP address. It only works with windows and mac. It is based on eyebeam 1.5 and offers many key functions that include high-quality audio and video, presence and instant messaging, and a compiled address book.

This version releases after the successful revelation of the previous version X-Lite which was launched in April 2003. The users of X-lite include a vast variety of companies.

What is X-Lite 3.0?

X-lite 3.0 is an advanced version of X-lite. The developers have introduced the new feature after the immense success of the past version. This is Counter Path’s carrier-grade commercial SIP softphone. This software is used by companies who are looking to test, build and deploy SIP-based solutions. It helps users to take the benefits of the softphones for free. The major benefits of X-lite 3.0 are 

  • Communication in a cost-effective way
  • Communication regardless location
  • Clarity of audio and video

How to download X-Lite 3.0?

You can download x-lite 3.0 by following the steps given below.

  • Open the website:

Scroll down to our website and Look for the download link and download it.

  • Choose the model of your device:

Now you can choose the system you have. Click on download for mac or windows, whatever suits you.

  • Open the Downloaded file:

To download this file, you need to grant permission to your pc. After that, you can download the file and it is ready to install now.

  • Choose the Location of the program:

Now choose the location of this software or you can download it by default.

  • Installation:

Now you can finish the installation by following the instructions. After that, you can now use X-lite 3.0.

System Requirement for Installation of X-Lite 3.0:

The main requirement of X-lite is that the users should have both speaker and a microphone for accepting or placing calls. The following configurations are acceptable:

  • Built-in speakers and microphone
  • USB multimedia headset
  • USB phone
  • Dual-jack multimedia headset
  • External speakers and microphone

Standard X-lite 3.0 Features:

The X-lite 3.0 has all the standard telephone features. Some of them are given below.

  • Call Display and Message waiting Indicator
  • Speakerphone
  • Mute
  • Redial
  • Hold
  • Do not Disturb
  • Call history
  • Call ignore
  • Three-way audio and video referencing

Advanced Functions of the Software:

Above mentioned are the standard features, now this article is going to reveal some advance =d features that you can enjoy by using this software.

  • No manual setup is required, and zero-touch configuration of audio and video devices
  •  “Zero-touch” detection of the bandwidth that a user’s computer can access for communication. 
  • Can detect voice activity and acoustic echo cancellation.
  • Instant messaging and presence using the most simple protocol
  • X-Lite to provide a more consistent quality of service to both wireless and wired networks using industry standards.
  • STUN and ICE NAT traversal. XTunnels for firewall traversal
  • Comes with the feature of automatic selection of the  best codec based on the remote party’s credibility, available bandwidth, and network conditions. X-Lite switches codecs during a call in response to changing network conditions. 
  • Conformity with the RFC 3261 SIP standard

Calls & Contacts Drawers:

Click the back button towards the extreme right edge of the softphone application to display the contacts drawer. Users can hide or display this drawer according to their own choice.

Contacts Tab:

This tab allows users to contact a particular contact through various methods, for instance:

  • Email
  • Cell Phone Number
  • SIP address
  • Homophone number

Users can call any contact and if they have a SIP address they can also send an instant message. Or if they have an email address, users can send them an email as well.

Managing Contacts:

You can manage your contacts with the help of X-lite 3.0. it allows creation, change, and renaming of groups of contacts. It can also help to decline spam contacts as well.

You can now perform the following functions:

  • Adding, deleting, and renaming contact groups
  • Adding a contact
  • Finding a contact
  • Changing contact information
  • Moving or deleting contact


This feature will help you to show whether the user is available or not. Users can allow other users who have SIP addresses to see if they are available or not

You can opt for the options if one can see your availability or not. You can also opt for which users can show your availability and which one is not.

Privacy Rules:

Privacy rules are favorable for the users. Users can decide to attend or ban the calls and messages coming from the other user. Its Users can ban or allow the particular contact or the entire domain as well.

Users can also ban the person listed in the call list. Right-click on the name and click Ban this person.


 This software works efficiently for placing calls and messages over the IP internet address It offers users all the productivity of traditional telephones with screen and mobile enhancements as well. With a simple click on the mouse pad button or a touch on a screen, the user can dial or answer a call.

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