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World of Warcraft: Beating the Addiction

World of Warcraft consumes hours and hours of precious time, World of Warcraft swallows lives, World of Warcraft is a world-wide addiction, and the world needs help. There are plenty of better things to do than play an rpg online that never ends, to demonstrate this point, here are ten better things you could be doing rather than playing World of Warcraft.

  1. Find a real party with a keg instead of a “tank,” and where DPS stands for “drinks per second” with no damage involved. Most World of Warcraft addicts lack the ability to socialize, and alcohol relaxes the nervous nerd. Mingle on.
  2. “Farm” for real. Starting a home garden can both save you money in produce, and help the environment. It is also a very soothing activity to relieve those World of Warcraft withdrawals while beautfying your yard or home.
  3. Search for an “epic” view. The world outside your computer room is amazing, grab a camera and a friend, and go explore it. You’ll get some much needed exercise as well as some awesome pictures to post on your guild website.
  4. Build character. Get a job. Sure you could spend a week making a level 70 character and then sell it on Ebay, and even pretend that’s a job, but how does that contribute to society? It contributes to the world-wide World of Warcarft epidemic. Get a real job, pay taxes, don’t be the grass hopper. You’ll even level skills for a better life in the process.
  5. Join the alliance, “Power level” your community. Volunteering can be rewarding in a plethora of ways. Help people, and help yourself.
  6. Train a real pet. There are millions of animals in shelters right now that you can really pet, feel and play fetch with. You may not be able to find a raptor to help you defeat the horde, but you’ll find a lifetime friend while saving a life.
  7. Complete a quest, set a goal. Everyone has goals. At some point in your life you wanted to do something, and I’m sure that something was not find 25 Sabertooth paws. Get out their and achieve your dreams.
  8. Find the magic, skip the mage. Go on a date. Sure your world of warcraft wife or husband is probably one sexy elf, but you can’t touch them and physical contact is fun.
  9. Pick a class. Even if you don’t become a full time student again, classes in subjects like art, yoga, cooking, ect. can be very fulfilling. If you do happen to still be in school, you can still take classes you simple enjoy. At least those classes end, unlike World of Warcraft.
  10. Get dance fever. You don’t even have to type /dance to boogie down in real life. Whether it’s with you kids, friends, family or a complete stranger at a club. Dancing is one more thing that’s far more fun in real life.

World of Warcraft can be a hard addiction to beat, but by applying in game strategies to real life you can satisfy that gamers itch and live a more full, screen free life. Go ahead and sell that level 70 on Ebay and use the money to enjoy your new free time.