TypingClub Download For Free [2022]

TypingClub Download For Free

In education nowadays, one of the most important skills is Typing.  Proficient typing skill is required in almost all fields, especially the fields that are technology-related. Career paths like health care, STEM, the Education sector, and other tech-related required Fast and authentic typing skills.

Typingclub is a popular software to learn to keyboard. It helps users to learn typing through effective strategies.

What is TypingClub?

Typingclub is a web-based Software and it is designed in a way to teach typing skills to students. It is an online application and can be used on devices that have access to the internet. This software is interactive as it contains a lot of games and makes learning interesting.

It has many interesting attributes such as a voice-over that makes software read aloud whatever word you are typing. Furthermore many other typing games are available which evoke the interest of the students.

Is Typingclub Free?

Typing club gives us two options while using: Individual and School Edition.

This software is free in both ways but there is also a paid version for the school edition. In that version, there is a difference between the number of classes, typing tests, Number of Instructors, and no advertisement.

Typingclub for the Windows PC:

It is easy and accessible to download TypingClub on the pc. This app is the modern solution to all the students’ problems so it can be easily downloaded on any window, be it windows 8,9,10, or 11.

Typingclub is currently used by more than 50 thousand schools and by 300 thousand teachers have been registered up till now. It allows teachers to design customized curriculum for students of all ages, regardless of their grades.

Features of TypingClub

As above mentioned, this software comprises two different domains,

  • Individual usage
  • Teacher usage

There are many accessible features of this software that makes it more desirable for learning. For instance:

  • Compatible with all major devices and their screen-readers such as Windows, Apple voice overs over in iOS, Screen Reader on a Chromebook
  • Easy standard Navigation
  • Customized feedback on students’ performance
  • Fonts of each size and high-contrast themes.
  • Feedback in an audio file on students’ performances.

Organizing the Lessons

Typingclub has millions of lesson plans that you can choose according to the learning ability of your students. Each lesson starts with different instructions and rules. First it involves smaller phrases to type and later the complexity increases in the lessons.

Typingclub lessons are categorized into different categories:

  • Character Introduction
  • Character review
  • Timed Practice

In addition to these parts, these lessons also include interactive games and some video lessons as well.

Teachers’ Dashboard

This feature allows teachers to set their board on which they can put their lessons and also track the progress of the students. Teachers can also assign placement tests and also choose the level of tests that are conducted by the students.

After assigning the task, a teacher can check anything they want to, how the students are performing, how well they have performed and comparisons with the last reports. The charts describe the comparisons between the scores and other aspects as well.

Students’ Experience on TypingClub

Apart from Teacher’s usage, students can also use this software for themselves. For students individually it also comprises two portions, Lessons and Students’ Dashboard. Once the students’ complete their lessons, they can keep track of their progress on the dashboard. 

The student’s Dashboard also involves the feature ‘Stats’ by which they can check their typing speed, word per minute, accuracy and how much they have practiced.

They can also avail badges on the basis of their performances.

Pros of TypingClub

There are many pros of this software For instance:

  • Interactive Games and Lessons: as the same skill can be boring for the students but the interactive games make it fun for the students.
  • Customized TypingClub according to the preference such as font size, color, voiceover, screen reader.
  • Another important feature is help center, where teachers can get answers to their common problems and questions.
  • Students can keep track of their progress and teachers can check every activity of their students.

Cons of Typingclub

  • The biggest drawback of this software is that there are a lot of settings that are sometimes difficult to figure out.
  • A Lot of reports from the students sometimes make Teacher’s dashboard complex and it is unable to find out particular things
  • Lack of segmentation on each stage of student.


TypingClub is accessible for the students who are unable to join the courses for typing due to some disability such as visual impairment, dyslexia and physical impairment. This software is perfect for the students who want to learn the best of this tech skill: typing. Typing is the essential skill for the students for their future career as now in this digital world, everything is sorted around the devices.  To store information or work on the devices one needs to be prompt in typing skill. TypingClub is a perfect fit to learn this skill.

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