TuxTyping Download For Free [2022]

TuxTyping Download For Free

This is the digital era, and everything has become digitized or run-around gadgets. Office work, fieldwork, or studies, all require digital skills to move forward in this life. These technical skills are important to learn so that we cannot lag in any phase of life.

Now almost every field requires the fastest typing skill because every work is now performed through computers. We need to learn and make our kids digitally able so that they can prosper in the future. 

Tux Typing is a software specially designed for kids so that they can improvise their typing skills. It comprises many games and lessons that make typing learning easier and more fun.

What is TuxTyping?

This is fun and easy-to-use software. It proves itself beneficial in learning typing for kids. Kids enjoy playing games with this software and their typing speed and accuracy are also starting to get better. It is different as compared to other traditional typing software.

It is an open-source application for supporting basic digital literacy by getting familiar with digital literacy by getting recognized as a keyboard as a method of input. 

Tux Typing is free and open source and compatible with all kinds of new computers. It is written in C programming language. It features several gameplays at a variety of difficulty levels.

The Interface Of TuxTyping

There are three different modes designed in this software for gaining typing skills. These three modes are different in the form of colors and aesthetics.

  • Comet Zap

Comet Zap is the most simple and action-packed game of this software. The format of this game is that you have to save penguins by destroying the asteroids falling from the sky. Asteroids can only be destroyed if we type the word written on them at a given time. Playing this game increases the typing speed of the learners.

  • Fish Frenzy

Fish frenzy also follows the same structure but the format of the game is a little different. The first is that you have to eat the fish that is falling from the sky by typing the word that is given. These games are enough to learn rapid typing skills. The scoring at the end of the game encourages children to learn more and play more efficiently.

  • Lesson Section

This section does not consist of any game. But it comprises a more organized approach to the in and outs of the keyboard. It gives theoretical detail about all the keys of the keyboard and how to use them while typing anything. But the sample lesson is limited, students can create their lesson by using the XML sheet.

Other Important Features

  • The whole software is colorful and interactive that also increases the interest of the learner to play more and learn more. The game is quick and responds rapidly to the commands of the keyboard.
  • The difficulty mode of the game is at four levels. 
  • Students can easily save their progress and continue next time from where they left it.
  • Students can easily choose the categories of words they want to practice, for instance plants or animals.
  • You can also choose different languages by choosing your nationality. This feature makes it a supplementary tool to learn a new language.

How to Download TuxTyping

Downloading and installation of TuxTyping is nothing difficult.


For downloading for the windows, you just have to follow the following steps.

  • Scroll down the page and look for the download option
  • Go to the download folder and double click on the downloaded file
  • Finish the installation by following the instructions.


If your device is related to the apple products then the downloading criteria is little different. Let’s have a look:

  • For downloading, you have to choose the option download for mac
  • After finishing downloading, copy that to your hard drive’s application folder.
  • To open TuxTyping, you should go: ‘Application>Education>TuxTyping’

Pros and Cons of TuxTyping

Just like every other program, It also has some pros and cons as well.


  • The best of this app is that it is completely free and it is easy to use
  • Graphics of this app are colorful and playful.
  • The colorful aesthetics makes this app more favorable for the kids.


  • There is repetition of the same formats. The app doesn’t feel like anything new
  • Features are limited. In this competitive market, applications need to be updated to avail new and modern features to compete well.


Typing skill is essential and integral part of todays’ education. TuxTyping with its beautiful interface is the best way to learn typing. The game formats are fun to play and keep the interest of kids alive throughout the learning process.

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