TrueCaller Download For Pc

TrueCaller Download For Pc

If you are in search of an easy-to-use app with the features of Call-Identification, Call-blocking, flash messaging, and many others, then TrueCaller is your perfect fit. It just requires a standard cellular number to get the registration on it.

This app has the entire feature to protect you and your phone from unwanted calls or spam messages. This app is easily available for android and iOS. You can also download it on your pc and this article is going to assist you in this regard.

What Is TrueCaller?

The TrueCaller is an app that identifies who is calling you. This caller-Identification is essential to avoid spam calls and fraudsters.

This app uses the information of contact and the data from the incoming call to identify whether it is spam or not. When this app is activated on your phone, the color identifies whether the call is valid or not. For instance, the blue color indicates the caller is authentic and the red color is a sign of a spam call. 

This app is just not confined to this feature only. It has many other features that are favorable for the users. It has added many other features to make it best for you. Let’s first discuss how to download it on pc.

How to Download TrueCaller on Pc?

This app can also work on the pc whether it be Windows or Mac. It can be downloaded on Windows 7, 8,9 and 10.

Install Truecaller app on Pc

 For downloading the TrueCaller app on pc you require to follow the following steps.

  • Scroll down to the screen
  • Look for the download button.
  • Click on the download option
  • After that instructions start popping up on your screen
  • You just have to follow the instructions 
  • When you are done with it, TrueCaller is installed on your pc
  • Now you can easily use all the amazing features of this software from your pc as well.

Features of TrueCaller:

This app has gained popularity with its multiple features and All the features are present in one place. It is just not confined to Caller-identification. Let’s have a look at more features of this app.

 Backup Your Data of Calls:

 You need to activate backup data for your call and contact data. It is important as if someone’s phone is broken, stolen, or lost, then they can get a backup of their call data.

This app backs up call history, call logs, setting preferences, and a block list. You can activate this backup feature from the app by following this step: Menu>settings>backup and sign in with your computer.

 Intermix with Other Apps:

 This app can be integrated with other apps as well. TrueCaller will manage your messages and calls when you activate it on your phone. If you choose it as your default caller and message app then all your calls and messages will be done this way.

 Camera Lookup:

 The most interesting feature of this app is looking at the number with the eye of your camera. This can easily give you the details of the contract by just looking at the number from your camera.

If you come across the number on a piece of paper on any board, you just have to point a camera toward the number, and the truecaller will reveal the details about the contact.

 Reason for Calling:

 Another interesting feature is knowing about the reason for calling. Some people avoid attending the call and just want to interact and know the specific reason for the call. This app has a feature where you can add up to 3 reasons why you are calling a specific person.

To use this feature Open, settings>General>Call Reason. But somehow this feature is only available for android users.

 Record Phone Calls:

 Truecaller allows all android users to record the calls when they are having conversations on the call. Truecaller will automatically upload all the recordings on your Google Drive account, so you need not worry about the space. 

You can set up the call recorder manually or automatically. You will get a smooth call recording without any issues.

 Unlist Your Number on TrueCaller:

 This app is often in hot waters due to privacy issues. The way it provides data about the person will completely blow out your mind.

Deactivating your account is not enough. You have to go to the TrueCaller unlisting page, choose your country, and type in your phone number.


Concluding, this app works wonders for you and your devices. This app works as effectively on pc as on mobile phones. You can now avoid unwanted calls and messages with just one click.

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