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Solo Cleric Guide for Maple Story

In a previous article I wrote about the perfect skill build for a Party Cleric in Maple Story. In this guide we’ll look at how to create the perfect Solo Cleric in the highly popular MMORPG Maple Story.
Solo Clerics are clerics who train by themselves, rather than in parties. This is a possibility, but I would want to question why someone would want to create a Cleric for solo playing. After becoming a Priest at level 70 you’ll have no choice but to party (unless you want to spend ten times more time solo playing), so it seems to me that if you want a character with strong skills and spells you should rather choose a different job. However, each person to its own will so here we go with a guide for a Solo Cleric Guide.

As a Solo Cleric we have to focus on the Cleric’s solo skills, and try to max those as soon as possible.

When you choose your second job you are given one point that I would recommend you put into Teleport. Teleport is useful even with just one point, and is effective for leveling. Also, Heal with just one point is not even worth it so it’s best to wait until you have three points to put into it.

After this initial point you’ll want to max your Heal. While you are doing this you’ll have to use Magic Claw on monsters until you can go to Zombie Lupins. You should then max out MP Eater, which will save you a lot of money and this is when you really start seeing the Mesos flow. Next up I would focus on maxing Teleport so you can teleport further with much lower MP cost, and then maxing Holy Arrow.

With Holy Arrow maxed you have to make the choice between Invincible and Bless. My recommendation is to put the initial five points into Invincible and then maxing Bless.

A character with this build will be a strong Solo Cleric. You’ll have fast leveling up into level 60, but then you will probably see the need for both Invincible and Bless. It is a possible way, and for Solo Clerics it’s the best way. However you must be prepared for some boring and exhausting times where you feel like quitting and starting a new character. Keep up the spirit and when you get third job skills you’ll still be able to join parties with the advantage of having Holy Arrow maxed.