OSRS Verzik Vitur Boss Guide


Before we begin with the boss guide, let’s talk in brief about the boss herself. So, Verzik Virtur is from the Vampyrium bloodline, and she was the head of the Vitur family. They never existed in Gielinor, until she, along with other Vampyres made her way in during the 2nd Age through Zaros. Before leaving, she managed to take several Nylocas with her and helped them settle in Gielinor. While that happened, she also assisted Lord Drakan in taking over Morytania during the 3rd Age. Because of her accomplishment, the lords rewarded her with Queen Efaritay’s Castle, which then became Ver Sinhaza as time went by.

Being a demanding shadow creature, she loves being entertained by her army through the game; Blood Sport. However, that didn’t sustain her lust, and that’s why the creation of the Theatre of Blood took place, where dreadful creatures battle against players who oppose them. During this stage, the Nylocas bred and developed into three new breeds, and osrs Verzik Vitur was at that time bitten by one of these Nylocas, which gave her newly profound powers.

Fighting Mechanics

Phase 1: During the first phase, the boss won’t be hostile towards you. But instead, she’ll be quietly sitting on her throne, and once you approach by speaking to her, the battle will initiate. At the very start, she’ll shield up and protect herself from your attacks, and you’ll be able to notice it through the bar on the top-left corner of your screen. However, you can bring the shield down by using the Dawn Bringer, but make sure that you drop a pillar before it so that you can regenerate and repeat the process. The pillars play a vital role in your survival during the fight, and that’s why you must ensure that you’re strategically using them. These pillars will assist you in avoiding the damage from Verzik osrs, and if you’re confident that you don’t want to wait it out, then you can attack her during this phase as well to bring her health down. It’ll take a few tries until you start to understand the mechanics of this phase, and later on, you can start avoiding her incoming damages with the help of regular weapons. Once you’ve successfully dropped down four pillars, the area will start to collapse and the second phase will begin.

Phase 2: During this phase, you will be introduced to Verzik’s electric attacks, which can deal up to 50 damage if you’re not cautious. At the time when Nylocas start to spawn, make sure that you freeze them instead of finishing them off. Speaking of which, there will also be a Purple Crab, which you’ll have to attack using a poison weapon. Tentacle Whip is a good option for this phase, and it also helps in stopping Verzik from healing herself. When the Red Nylocas spawn, you will have to instantly defeat them, and this process should continue until the boss is dead. A good suggestion is to have your Protect from Magic prayer active, and when you get attacked by Ranged attacks, make sure that you effectively dodge them.

Phase 3: During this phase, Verzik will adopt four different attacks, and they’ll be in a particular order; Nylocas, Webs, Yellow Pools, Bombs, and repeat. In the Nylocas phase, the boss will spawn various creatures, and you’ll have to stop them using the Ice Barrage spell. In the Web phase, you will have to concentrate and run clockwise, while at the same time approach the boss and hit her in between her sides. In the yellow pool phase, Verzik osrs will spawn pools, and you will have to run to the nearest one. If you successfully do so, then you will be protected against the attacks that Verzik throws directly towards you. Each pool can only protect one player, and the number of pools that will spawn during this phase depends upon the number of players present in the area. In the Bomb phase, you will be attacked with green ball combs that can damage up to 74, so make sure that you tank them appropriately. Finally, when the boss is down to 20% health, she’ll start attacking with purple tornadoes, and also start to chase the player. Avoid these attacks as much as you can, because they can heal the boss if she catches up to you.


Once you’ve successfully defeated osrs Verzik Vitur, you’ll notice that a trapdoor has opened under her throne. This trapdoor will lead you to the treasure room, where you’ll find five different treasure chests. Only one player can open one chest, and the chest you’ll be searching will be signified by an arrow sign. The chest that has a purple aura coming out of it will give you a chance of receiving a unique reward. You can also get three other common rewards, which entirely depends upon your performance during the battle.

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