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Making Money in Runescape P2P

Everyone loves, and everyone needs gold. Most things in Runescape revolve around gold, so everyone is looking for new, more creative, and more effective ways to make gold. I’ve played Runescape for years and I’ve been around the block a few times, so I have firsthand experience with making money in Runescape. This is the third article I’ve written about making money in Runescape. You can find the original here. This article is dedicated to helping Runescape members with their money making problems. Let’s make some gold!
Method 1: Woodcutting. Everyone you know on Runescape and every guide you’ve ever read has probably told you to woodcut for money, but that’s because it works. People need logs for firemaking, fletching, quests, and more. The best sellers are maple, yew, and magic logs. You can easily cut maples in Seer’s Village, and yews behind Varrock Castle. One of the best places to cut magic logs is in the gnome stronghold. I recommend cutting yews once you have level 70 woodcutting or higher, otherwise you won’t be as efficient.

Method 2: Killing Chaos Druids. Chaos druids are known to consistently drop valuable herbs, and are therefore a good opportunity for money making. You will need some magic resistant armor (dragonhide), a good weapon, and maybe a little bit of food. Head to Edgeville bank and store the stuff you don’t need, then head south into the ruins. Go into the dungeon, head north, then east, then north to the Wilderness Door. Head through the gate and then head west. Begin mass murdering druids. Use the price checker to see how much the herbs they drop are worth. If they aren’t worth over a few thousand coins they probably aren’t worth holding on to. Once your inventory is full, head back to the bank and store your loot. Make sure that you don’t clean the herbs, as grimy herbs are worth more money. Remember to watch for revenants, you are technically in the wilderness.

Method 3: Killing Green Dragons. Here’s where things get fun. For this method you’ll need good armor, a good weapon, and an anti-dragonfire or dragonfire shield. Dragonhide will work, and most dragon weapons work pretty well. You will also need a decent amount of food; preferably lobsters or better. You can also bring runes for high alchemy if you want. Please note: This method is dangerous and if you aren’t careful you could be killed by dragons or revenants. The dragons are level 79, therefore a combat level of over 85 is recommended. My personal favorite spot for killing these is in level 12-14 wilderness north of the goblin village and southwest of the Dark Warrior’s Fortress. you can use your map to get there. Once there, begin killing dragons. If there are too many people there or someone is using a cannon you may want to switch worlds. The main purpose of killing the dragons is to pick and sell the bones and/or dragonhide. The bones are worth more than the hide, so you may want to leave the hide. The dragons also regularly drop items that can you make you a profit with high alchemy, and if you get really lucky they may drop some valuable items like a rune kiteshield or a dragon spear. Once you run out of food or your inventory is full, head back to Edgeville bank and restock.

Enjoy your new money-making methods, and good luck! And try not to blame me if you accidentally get slayed by revenants…