Celtx Download for Free [2022]

Celtx Download for Free

Celtx is a software assistant to create and design different media-related projects. It involves screenplays, films, videos, stageplays, documentaries, podcasts, and games. Writing and designing a script is a huge task that requires a lot of people to go through the process.  Celtx helps us to write a script and also offers to manage other parts of the process.    

What is Celtx?

It is an authentic screenplay writing software and is available in more than 190 countries.  The main feature of this software is the video games and the development of VR. Video game development also requires a good script and engaging dialogue.

Celtx has a feature to work individually and as a team as well.  It can collaborate with a partner or a team of people, so when you collaborate with others, they can work on this software which is visible to everyone on the team. 

Celtx has a series of tools and apps that can not only help you to write but also assist and schedule the remaining parts of the process. It is the best assisting tool for filming and production. 

How to Download Celtx?

 Celtx is a software that is available on mac and windows. This works perfectly on iOS and Android devices as well. Its interface is simple and easy to use.  The download of this software is also easy and approachable. You just have to follow the simple instructions.

  • Scroll down the page and look for the ‘Download’ Option
  • Click on the Download Option
  •  After that, the instructions start popping up on your screen
  • Follow the instructions and you are good to go.

Celtx gives free access to script writers for the free trial period. After the free trial period is ended, some of the features will remain free, for instance,

  • File importing
  • Mobile Syncing
  • Read-only Production File
  •  The Basic Script-editor 

Features of Celtx:

This software has an abundance of features and capabilities that can be helpful for people to design and organize scripts and production. These features include writing scripts and production tools as well.

Let’s have a detailed insight into the features of this software.


Navigation is the feature to give users easy access to the outline of the document. It is easy to jump to any part of the document without scrolling up or down and looking for it. It also allows users to rearrange the outline according to their preferences.

Index Cards:

Index cards are a kind of virtual corkboard, they allow you to add notes to your screen. They are best suited for ‘story-boarding’ and they can easily be rearranged.

The index cards can be divided into two sections

  • General outline
  • Sorted by scene

 The ‘general’ section can be anything that includes the whole storyline or the small sketches of the characters.

On the right-hand, there are the details of the scenes and it can be the outline, creation settings, or any other preference you or your partners have.  


Celtx makes formatting easy for you. It does all the work related to the formatting and you don’t have to worry about this aspect of your project. You just have to click and all the prepared formats will appear on your screen.  

Visual Storyboard:-

Visual storyboards are for those people who prefer more visual presentations rather than worldly ones. It is the visual form of an index card. It is a little more detailed as you can add descriptions to every shot and also effects, for instance, zoom-in, zoom-out, or close-up

Celtx has a vast variety of images including people, vehicles, animals, or things that can make a great visual representation of the scene.


A user or a team of users can also add images from the internet to their script. You don’t have to open a separate browser, you can easily upload an image directly from the software.

Shot Blocker:

      This feature can be used to draw an image or sketch which can be added to the storyboard. This feature included a vivid variety of imagery for the camera and lights. People can be tagged along with the text and tools.   


This is the feature to organize each and everything on the project. You can create a catalog for everything you need which includes cast, crew, makeup, or location. Users can easily categorize each item according to date or time, name or location.  


This gives you an overall view of the project. You can easily access scene summaries, characters, locations, and sets with the help of this feature.  

Is Celtx Safe?

All the connections are encrypted using HTTPS. All the files and content of this software are encrypted between the server and the user’s computer. Backups are also in various places to avoid the loss of data.


For those who want to organize their production projects and also want to collaborate with their partners, Celtx is the perfect fit for them.  Its interface is easily accessible and its features have unbeatable qualities with easy-to-understand aspects.

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